Frank White releases campaign video

State Rep. Frank White (R-Pensacola) is running for Florida Attorney General. This morning, he released this campaign video.

He opens with: “I’ve been a consistent, principled conservative my entire life. Unafraid to stand up for our values and defend our way of life. As your next attorney general, I’ll keep up the fight.”


2 thoughts on “Frank White releases campaign video

  1. This is a link to a recent story about the race:

    When the three Republican men get done throwing political spitballs at the one woman in their primary race because she seems the front runner, it might be helpful if someone objectively assessed the backgrounds and past performances of the four Republican candidates and matched those credentials up against the actual duties of the Florida Attorney general as defined by state law, specifically Section 16.01, Florida Statutes. It would be especially interesting to know how many times each of the candidates has actually tried a real case to conclusion in a criminal or civil court.

  2. “Wants to help President Trump implement his agenda.”

    FUNNY! He was NO WHERE to be seen when Trump was campaigning. Where was Frank White then?

    FRAUD and FAKE. Fake just like his twitter followers!

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