From Glasgow to Pensacola

What: From Glasgow to Pensacola: What’s next for climate action?

Where: Pensacola Public Library, 239 N. Spring St.

When: Tuesday March 29—5:30 pm

PENSACOLA—Join local scientists, students and advocates as they discuss the results of the recent Glasgow Climate Conference and the path forward as the nations of the world work to confront climate change. Presenters will cover major issues where commitments were made in Glasgow, including transitioning to renewable energy, forest conservation, the use of coal, methane emissions and a U.S.–China agreement.

The science behind keeping global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius—a major premise of the Conference—will also be discussed. We’ll review the likelihood of success in meeting these commitments, and how they affect Northwest Florida.

This presentation is part of a regular presentation series on climate change and clean energy sponsored by 350 Pensacola. Since 2010, 350 Pensacola has worked for climate education and action as the only climate-focused organization in northwest Florida. For more information:

Required Libraries notice: “This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the West Florida Public Libraries or Escambia County.”