Gaetz issues statement on Trump’s executive order

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) issued the following statement in response to the Trump Administration’s extreme vetting pause:

“Like so many Americans, I watched media coverage of President Trump’s announcement of executive orders requiring a cessation of refugees and visitors from seven countries that President Obama coined “areas of concern.” President Trump’s orders prove that yet again, he will act when the former administration would only talk and deliberate.

A ninety-day pause to consider and implement new changes is entirely appropriate. I would like to extend my appreciation to the hardworking federal and state officials who implemented the new rule this weekend.”


12 thoughts on “Gaetz issues statement on Trump’s executive order

  1. It is a ninety-day PAUSE to consider and implement new changes.

    Funny how the old order is all up and crying when real change is now a possibility of becoming reality.

  2. Trust me… the only thing Matt Gaetz is concerned about is appearing tough because that is what his base wants. Read his comments on his official Facebook page. Someone asked why he would sponsor a bill to remove USA from the UN and he said because he had done his research.

  3. Like many new Republicans in districts like our own, Gaetz knows if he wants to get re-elected he only has to worry about losing a primary by someone more crazily rightwing then he. So he enters office and immediately starts convincing us all that nobody will be to the right of him…ever. As I have said before, I almost never agreed with Jeff Miller on the issues, but he never embarrassed our district as Gaetz has on day one.

  4. When Trump goes down in flames, Gaetz will go down with him. Then we can say good riddance to both of them. What dispicable human beings.

  5. It’s a shame we in NW Florida have a rookie representative who seems to revel in his ignorance of time honored American ideals. But that’s how it goes when people like Matt Goetz buy their way into congress with daddy’s money. Still, it would be nice if our representative had a cursory understanding of the constitution or was at least willing to do a little research before diving in to support an executive order deemed unconstitutional and come off looking inept.

  6. Mr Gretz and Mr Trump were elected by the people of Northwest Florida. They are responding to what they believe is their base – the people who elected them. However, I have heard some of their voters who dis agree with some of the recent executive orders. I have suggested they hand write a letter to Mr Gretz followed by a phone call to let him know of their disagreement. I suggest the same to non Gaetz voters. That is my plan because I believe that is the most effective way to make our opinion known NOW. I don’t believe we can afford to wait until the next election

  7. I totally agree that this response is what I would expect from Mr. Gaetz. He is proving himself to be without intestinal fortitude, lacking in reasoning ability, and any sort of motivation other than pandering to and joining the T-rump supporters. A total waste of what is probably a good mind and a good education. Sign me disgusted

  8. Matt Gaetz needs to buy a television and watch “Morning Joe.” If not, he seems doomed to two years of ignorant bravado. Joe Scarborough rightly used the word “chaos” today to describe what is going on inside the White House.

  9. I wouldn’t expect anything less of Matt Gaetz. His response is typical of the short-sighted reactionary response of the radical right that has infused the Republican Party and is sadly so very popular in Northwest Florida. He would be wise to seek counsel from those with more experience than him, like Senators Graham and McCain. He has hooked his star to Donald Trump, Northwest Florida will be fortunate if he crashes and burns along with the Trump Administration, hopefully before the four years are done. I’m hopeful someone will run against him successfully in 2018.

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