Gaetz prefers someone other than Latvala for governor

Last week, Congressman Matt Gaetz came out against State Sen. Jack Latvala’s bid to be governor. Gaetz explained his beef with the Pinellas County Republican on 1370 WCOA’s “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday.

“Jack Latvala is a Republican running for governor who does not represent the values of Northwest Florida,” said Gaetz.

“Look I’m not really focused on the 2010 election cycle, but I was very surprised that a Republican who has fought against the rights of gun owners, who has been only begrudgingly pro-life, who tried to block legislation to crack down on sexually violent predators, would come campaign in Northwest Florida.”

He added, “I’m hopeful that we make a different selection as our nominee for governor.”

The statement issued on Aug. 16 by Gaetz’s Political Action Committee, Friends of Matt Gaetz, labeled Latvia as the “most destructive RINO” in the Florida Senate and a “pawn of the South Florida labor unions who finance his political ambition.”


2 thoughts on “Gaetz prefers someone other than Latvala for governor

  1. Solomon… you took the words right out of my mouth. I suspect what Gaetz means to say is that Latvala is a centrist Republican. All Latvala needs to do now is reject some of Trump’s idiocy (which should be easy) and I might take a look.

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