Gaetz tweets before and after Jan. 6 insurrection

The chair of the House Administration Committee, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) on Friday released the social media posts of her Republican colleagues that she felt may have contributed to the Capitol riots on January 6.

“Like former President Trump, any elected Member of Congress who aided and abetted the insurrection or incited the attack seriously threatened our democratic government,” Lofgren wrote. “They would have betrayed their oath of office and would be implicated in the same constitutional provision cited in the Article of Impeachment. That provision prohibits any person who has previously taken an oath as a member of Congress to support the Constitution but subsequently engaged in insurrection or rebellion from serving in Congress.”

Her report divided the posts by state. Florida’s section had 189 pages, of which 124 were devoted to our congressman, Matt Gaetz. Several of his tweets were flagged by Twitter for disputed and possibly misleading content.

Here’s a sample:

Gaetz retweeted the allegation that sharpies invalidated ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, with his comment, “Holy Shit.”

He tweeted the dead vote swung overwhelming for Biden. Focusing first on Michigan – “Study says 10k of them did in Michigan”, then Pennsylvania and other states.

He pushed conspiracies that USPS officials backdated ballots and “Dominion voting software systems changed more votes than Vladimir Putin ever did.”

Other tweets included:

“On January 6th, I’m joining with the fighters in Congress. We going to OBJECT to electors from states that didn’t run clean elections.”

“President @realDonaldTrump won a LANDSLIDE election among people who actually showed up and voted.”

“American needs us now more than ever. We’d better fight like hell for her with all that we have.”

“Republicans will not leave democracy undefended on January 6th.”

On Jan. 5: “Tomorrow, Republicans will defend democracy and object to states that didn’t run clean elections.”

On the day of the insurrection:

9:59 am: “States that cheat and steal elections should be stripped of electors.”

11:04 am: “Expose the fraud!”

12:18 pm: “Criticism makes elections better!”

9:08 pm: Retweets Washingont Examiner article about antifa disguised as Trump supporters storming the capitol.

Here is the Florida section of the report – Florida.

After Lofgren released the report, Gaetz tweeted, “Cancel culture is a cult with no grace.”


8 thoughts on “Gaetz tweets before and after Jan. 6 insurrection

  1. Joan,

    You posted several comments throughout the night. The facts are simple.

    Joe Biden won the election – winning both the popular and electoral votes. If Republicans felt the voting procedures were unfair or unlawful, they had ample time to challenge them before the election and didn’t.

    After the election, President Trump raised over $250 million to expose widespread voter fraud. He could have hired the best attorneys and investigators that could work around the clock to prove the allegations. Yet Trump never presented any evidence that prevailed in court.

    Instead of providing facts to the courts, he and his supporters have chosen other venues to promote their allegations – venues where facts are required to be proved.

    Biden is the president of the United States.

    On the Jan. 6 insurrection, the attack on the capitol was unprecedented in U.S. history. Citizens attempted to overthrow the government – not an act of civil disobedience that Thoreau would have endorsed.

  2. Thank you for responding and allowing these comments. I see there are some typos. During the period after the election, you probably know about 20 states wanted the SCOTUS to verify if the changes made at the states were done legally or not and they declined. Yes I know some are Trump appointees — either way, as non partisan judiciary, they should have looked at it. First they said “no standing”, then they said “moot.” They have not satiated that probably half the country does not trust that a free and fair election occurred and that is not good for the USA. Our vote is all we have. They should have never allowed what happened to happen and now they have cementing it in with the new bill. It is a disgrace.

    I am not certain what happened at each state level with Giuliani and some of the other claims about the software being hooked to the internet just were not addressed. I’ve seen some conversation by attorneys that he screwed that up.

    Mark Levin had several shows about the fraud, and the constitution–particularly Pennsylvania. If people were busy over the holidays and only checking mainstream media they may not have known about the intense pressure building. There are some conservative sites and there is much questionable activity surrounding the FBI and Spygate. I sent you some clues, look it up if you chose.
    ALL people who voted for Trump are not, QAnon, in a cult, or domestic terrorists.
    The idea of America First, secure borders, free and fair elections, free speech is what America is all about.
    Frankly the House Democrats these past four years and their witch hunts are a disgrace as well as media printing lies and propaganda.

    But yes Biden was inaugurated, the people who trespassed the capitol committed a crime but so did election officials..

    It’s not over unless they are going to start sending dissidents to the gulags..

    Do you think all these people in this person’s report should be hung? hardly.

    This is more bullshit but she sits on the House Judiciary Committee and they have the FBI to do their bidding.

    Scary times

    Zoe came up with a home grown terrorism and extremist bill..and now FBI list has a little girl who walked into the Capitol on America’s most wanted list..

    Perhaps it was civil disobedience, for a good reason.. What would Thoreau say..

  3. It was Trump’s attorneys that presented the cases. His appointments dominate Supreme Court.

  4. Former DNI John Ratcliffe: “I think we implemented rules in the pandemic and what we saw even weeks before the election were voting procedures that were changed. And I don’t think that was fair and I think that contributed to the ability for fraud to be perpetuated in any number of ways. And the most important thing, Maria, when we talk about election integrity, is that the American people believe that there is election integrity. And HR1 just doubled-down on the concerns that Americans have right now that elections aren’t fair that they’re being controlled and the outcome of one person, one vote isn’t what we’re seeing. And again, that’s what happens in socialist countries.”

  5. They Dems used clip of this guy’s video in the impeachment trial.

    And members of the GOP wanted Congress to hear evidence of fraud and the FACT states did not follow the Constitution of the USA and changed election laws. Some states did not send valid electors to Congress Jan 6.

    Of course breaking into the Capitol was wrong — as wrong as any riot by anyone anywhere. Agree, that is not free speech.

    The cases were not argued correctly at state levels and the SCOTUS is derelict in their duty.
    They could have done much to alleviate the tensions that were coming to a head between Nov 3 and Jan 6.

  6. All court cases asserting wide-spread election fraud have gone nowhere. The allegations promoted by Gaetz have yet to hold up in any court. No proof of antifa infiltrating the Jan. 6 riot. The “cancel culture” comes from GOP trying to cancel the 2020 election because their candidate didn’t win. Storming the U.S. capitol, attacking law enforcement and disrupting lawmakers from performing their duties are not a free speech issues.

  7. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued a statement saying: “Law enforcement should focus on action, not thought. We need to worry about the people who are committing crimes rather than those who harbor beliefs that the government may consider to be extreme…. This was their statement in the bill Lofgren introduced a while back.

    Consider the source of the witch hunts… Zoe is known for that — a California Democrat. Gaetz was voted in by a majority of the people in this district for a reason and is still supported, more so now, than ever. Even if the PNJ and Marlette and downtown crowds throw shushes and shade on him. So is DeSantis. He is the most popular governor in the country and people are flocking to live in Florida because of their policies. People are fleeing California.

    And the election should have gone to contingent a election in the house Jan 6, and antifa did infiltrate the crowd also.

    Cancel culture is similar the the purges in other tyrannical political takeovers. With the FBI acting like the Gestapo is does cool people speaking their opinions, unfortunately.

    Meanwhile no one is reporting on the violet protests ongoing of leftist ideology, are you a socialist/communist Rick?

    Are you advocating to allow election fraud to stand and for silencing free speech…

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