WEAR TV lays off veteran staff

Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of WEAR-TV, has laid about a dozen employees last week from its Pensacola station, including April Baker, Steve Nissim and Kathryn Daniel. All were given two-weeks notice, but are no longer allowed on air effective immediately. Nissim and Daniel have each been with Channel 3 for about two decades. Neither were given a chance to say goodbye to viewers.


15 thoughts on “WEAR TV lays off veteran staff

  1. Apparently they waited until Kathryn taped her farewell to the guide dog in training, Chappie that aired yesterday (3/11). sad

  2. Don’t know the why, but this is definitely not the how to do something. They’ve been on air for too many years to not allow them to have their good-byes with the viewers. If they were worried about an on-air rant…allow them to tape a farewell.

  3. SHAME on you WEAR! I will now move on to another source for news as I have intended since coverage or lack of coverage since Sally

  4. I suspect it’s political. It’s known WEAR is always misleading and poking the bear for many issues and I assume the ones who were laid off didn’t want to conform to their ways of thinking. Sad actually. The lead anchor is boring as a brick. The weather guy is monotone as a 1970 record player with a bad needle, always just ho-hum. Milton gets better coverage from channel 5 anyways. The ones who should be fired get to stay and the deserving ones pay the price.

  5. And why did we always get overweight interns? Were they only honing their skills while they lost weight, before they went somewhere else?

  6. Sinclair Group announced last month that they would be laying off 430 to 550 people…

  7. This is so NOT right. I always look forward to Kathryns weather and special interest reports. She and Steve are two of your best reporters. How could you let them go. You have definitely lost me as a viewer

  8. Very disappointed in WearTV3 …even more so now. Incredibly sad they let Katherine and Steve go when it’s pretty obvious who should be going. Both have been incredible contributors to this station and community. I am unsure if it’s a Sincaire “thing” to have the morning anchor just repeat the prior evening news but it just looks like said morning anchor doesn’t contribute, just reads what’s already been broadcast. It was so refreshing when Ms Hussey was on her own for a few days. Yes, she had to repeat what was already reported however after being in the field all those years, she knows how to deliver a story. Now I just watch the weather portion.

  9. Definitely not cool and a BIG reason why we’ve all but stopped watching WEAR ! 😡😡😡

  10. The news programming and production on WEAR is poor compared to most other local news programs. It is slow, lead anchor is kind of dull and the show has too many videos with too few face shots of anchors. However, WEAR is much better than Tallahassee local news shows!

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