Gamblers bet on new Facebook name

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Facebook, the parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and more, will rebrand and announce a fresh name as early as next week.

Of course, speculation started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning as to what the rebranded name could be.
An online gambling website,, has put together a list of potential names and their odds of being selected. There are some creative and viable options, and there are also some silly options for people to bet on.

Virtuel, perhaps a mash between “virtual” and “virtue” (something Facebook aspires to have), is the favorite with 4-1 odds. Connect and Horizon are tied for second on the list at 5-1.

Longshot names include MetaMark, MetaBeast (a nod to Zuckerberg’s dog) and Zuckers.

Additionally, in light of the recent government investigation into Facebook, there is a prop bet for whether or not Mark Zuckerberg will step down as CEO of the company before 2023. The odds suggest he won’t.

New Facebook Parent Company Name

Virtuel 4-1
Connect 5-1
Horizon 5-1
Ecoverse 7-1
Metabook 8-1
Immerse 8-1
Omniverse 10-1
Persistem 12-1
Ecompass 12-1
Metanet 14-1
Sodigeco 20-1
MetaRack 25-1
Openverse 25-1
MetaLand 33-1
MetaLife 33-1
Dataverse 33-1
MetaMatrix 40-1
WeOwn 40-1
MyFace 50-1
Lifelog 50-1
ZuckRack 66-1
Subversive 66-1
MetaMark 80-1
MetaBeast 80-1
Zuckers 100-1

Will Mark Zuckerberg resign as CEO before 2023?

Yes 3-2
No 1-2

(Odds imply a 66.7% probability Zuckerberg will not resign)