NAS attack: Deputy maybe shot by Navy cop

A review of the video released yesterday by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office regarding Dec. 6, 2019 terrorist attack at NAS Pensacola revealed that one deputy may have been shot by Navy personnel.

Two deputies were wounded – Deputy Jonathan Glass and Deputy Matthew Tinch. Glass and Tinch received Purple Hearts. The evidence  released yesterday reveals that Glass said he was shot by friendly fire.

The media was told in December 2019 that Glass and Tinch were the first ECSO deputies to confront the shooter and both suffered wounds during an exchange in a stairwell.

The redacted video from Glass’ vehicle gives a different story.

While being attended outside of the building, Deputy Glass says, “I got shot by one of ours, by one of the Navy cops.”

Levin Papantonio Rafferty attorney Chris Paulos told Inweekly that it’s his understanding that the FBI had debunked this.  However, he has seen no ballistics to verify the shooter.


1 thought on “NAS attack: Deputy maybe shot by Navy cop

  1. Above we read, “the FBI has debunked this.” Well, I would think that Deputy Glass would know better who shot him to include from which direction. Deputy Tinch who was there would know too as would the Navy police officer who might have shot Deputy Glass. If Deputy Glass was not shot with a 9mm Glock 45, the terrorist’s handgun, then “someone” else shot him. It doesn’t take away from anyone’s bravery but fact is always better than fiction and especially when dealing with public safety. One part of the story not fully reported to date is the extent of pre-attack joint active shooter training between the Navy and Sheriff. Does the Sheriff actively patrol the base or only respond when called? Did the specific officers involved in the December 6, 2019 response actually participate in prior active shooter training on the base and, ideally, know each other. Did the active shooter training include how to deal with casualties? Does the base fire station have an EMS capability and did it respond? One story reported in the PNJ a few days after the attack was about Navy Police Officer Charles Hogue the first law enforcement officer shot. The PNJ reported that the Deputy taking Officer Hogue to the hospital did not know how to get off of the base. If true, that suggests that the Deputy had never been on the base before.

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