Gilley tells Innerarity and Forest Creek to pray

The topic of evacuations came up at this morning’s EOC presser, Emergency Manager Eric Gilmore said, “We draw a time decision around the area, based on the population size and what zones we’re asking to evacuate. And from there we come up with the timeframe.”

The notifications would go out 16 hours prior to landfall.

“If we had to pull the trigger, it’d be 16 hours per the landfall to notify people that they need to evacuate the area, taking consideration that the limitation of wages and the amount of people in hotels and everything on the beaches,” he said. “So we’re looking at 16 hours right now is worked our decision time mark is.”

Mayor Robinson said residents in low-lying areas shouldn’t wait: “I encourage those of you who live in higher areas to think about your friends who live in lower areas and find a way to offer assistance to them.”

PNJ reporter Kevin Robinson asked about the areas that were hard hit by Hurricane Sally, such as Forest Creek and Innerarity Point. Was there anything that could be done proactively to help them?

“I continue to say this is an act of God so I would say pray,” said County Administrator Janice Gilley. “That is one thing I would clearly say because we all need some protection, particularly Innerarity area and others like that.”

Mayor Robinson gave more practical advice: “Kevin, I would simply say we’re all advising you to think about a plan to leave and where you go to. If you’re in place like Innerarity that’s going to flood, you need to start thinking about leaving and where you go.”

Gilmore added the weather service is looking at about seven inches of rain –“we aren’t looking at massive flooding.”

Commissioner Robert Bender advised the public to remove any debris that may be blocking stormwater drains near their property.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Escambia County issued resolution R2020-140, declaring a local state of emergency due to imminent threat of Hurricane Delta. The Escambia County Emergency Operation Center has been activated for Hurricane Delta at a level 2 as of 8