Gov. Scott disappointed with tuition hike

In press release from the Governor’s Office, Gov. Rick Scott expressed his concerns over the Board of Governors’ decision to raise college tuitions.

“I’m disappointed to see the Board of Governors’ decision on tuition increases today,” said Scott. “Tuition rates have risen 71 percent over the past four years and graduates are facing unprecedented levels of debt. We can’t continue on this path. On Tuesday, I addressed the board and outlined five goals Florida’s university system should aspire to that would give us an edge over other states for job creation:

1. Be No. 1 in university affordability.
2. Be No. 1 for graduates finding jobs in their fields of study.
3. Be No. 1 in the percentage of students receiving STEM degrees.
4. Have Florida university graduates be ranked No. 1 in preparation for the workforce, as named by Florida employers.
5. Be the No. 1 place where taxpayers feel they are getting a good return on their investment in higher education.

“It is my priority to keep the cost of living low for Floridians and have an education system that produces the most competitive, highly skilled workforce in the world. And I expect our universities and the Board of Governors to seek those same goals.”