Gulf Breeze celebrates 50 years

Last night, the City of Gulf Breeze celebrated its first 50 years as city. Past mayors, council members, city employees, business leaders and key volunteers were recognized. A few were singled out for special recognition:

Dr. Bert Jordan: Mayor (1971) and the champion for the Gulf Breeze Hospital

Ed Gray, III: Mayor (1984), creator of the Gulf Breeze Loan Pool, Capital Trust Agency

Richard Fulford: Council member, first administrator of Gulf Breeze Hospital

Lane Gilchrist: The City’s longest serving council member and mayor from 1982 until his death in 2009. Total salary – $27

Matt Dannheiser: City attorney since 1992

Buzz Eddy: City manager since 1992.

The City of Gulf Breeze was organized in 1961 because the citizens want to control their own destiny. Mayor Beverly Zimmern said it best when she described the city as one built on volunteerism.

Dr. Steve Zieman announced at the banquet that the City will be unveiling a series of outdoor sculptures, the first in six weeks, to commemorate each of the city’s first five decades.

Quint Studer served as the master of ceremonies for the event.