Mayor asked council for budget requests in March

The impression one might have gotten from the Pensacola City Council workshops on the FY 2012 budget is that the council members had little or no input into the budget. While the council had no idea that the ESP rates might be raised, the members had ample time to send in written requests for other projects and items.

Searching on the City’s website, I found the March 10 memo from Mayor Ashton Hayward to the Pensacola City Council asking for their input and requests for the FY 2012 budget.

“I respectfully ask each member of the Council to provide my office with a list of priorities to be considered as part of the upcoming budget,” wrote the mayor.

He asked that they get them to his office by April 7 so that he could include them in his budget that he optimistically hoped to have ready by June. The budget took much longer to put together. The mayor’s did have separate meetings in early July with each council member to ask one more time for their requests for the budget.

Read Hayward request.