Hayward tops $100,000 mark in campaign fundraising

Mayor Ashton Hayward raised another $11,200 in April to put his campaign funding for his re-election at $103,325. His two challengers are trailing far behind in fundraising, Councilman Charles Bare $2,275 (April $25) and Donna Clark $17,532 (April $1750).

Councilman Brian Spencer is taking his challenger seriously, raising $8,605 in April, total raised YTD $34,730.29. His opponent Mark Taylor raised nothing in April and has received a total of $2,650 for his campaign.

The other council members up for re-election, Larry Johnson and Sherri Myers, have no opponents…yet.

In the School Board District 3 race, Laura Dortch Elder loaned her campaign $10,123.65, putting her money total at $14,737. Incumbent Linda Moultrie, who is seeking a third term, has only raised $2,000 and Charlie Nichols has raised $5,453.66. The other school boards, Jeff Bergosh and Gerald Boone, have no opponents.

For County Commission District 2, two-term incumbent Gene Valentino has raised $23,725. His challenger Ray Guillory has raised $2,616.92 total. In the District 4 race, Mike Lowery had a good fundraising month in April, $5,615, which brought his total to $13,178. The incumbent Grover Robinson, who is also seeking a third term, has raised a total of $35,219.

As in past elections, donors love incumbents, but remember money doesn’t win elections, votes do. However, money doesn’t hurt. :-)