Health Alert issued for all Inland Swimming Areas

Effective immediately, the Escambia County Health Department is issuing health alerts for all inland swimming and water recreational areas in Escambia County, except those located on the Gulf of Mexico. 

 The health department advises against any water-related activities until a bacteriological survey reveals that the inland bathing areas are safe.   Rainfall from this past weekend may have contaminated these waters with sewage and storm water that contains water-borne pathogens.  Individuals, especially those with wounds and weakened immune systems, may be at risk of contracting a water-borne disease if they come into contact with these inland waters.  
The Escambia County Health Department will assess the safety of swimming areas and notify the public when regularly monitored areas are safe for water-related activities.  For more information contact the Escambia County Health Department at 595-6786.