Highlights of Nov. 17 edition of Inweekly

What is in this week’s Inweekly?


What Now?

In light of everything that’s currently happening as a response to the election, we asked a few different people from different sides of the political spectrum, one simple question: What now? It should come as no surprise that the answers we got were anything but simple.


Outtakes—Listen More

There is a lesson in the Trump victory for Pensacola City Hall, but will they hear it?


Bergosh Expects Smooth Transition

A familiar face will take over Escambia County District 1 commission seat.

Holley Steps Down After 44 Years

She began found as a clerk typist for E.J. Gibbs Jr. in the Tax Collector’s office and retires after 44 years of service.


“Native Moments” With Nic Schuck

Founder of Emerald Coast Tours has published his first novel.

The Art of Adoption

A photographic exhibit of children in foster care debuts this week at Artel Gallery.