Hill leads District 6 race, half of the voters uncertain

According to an Inweekly/Political Matrix poll of 122 likely Pensacola City voters residing in district 6, Ann Hill holds a large lead over W.A. (Butch) Hansen. Today Hill has 32 percent with Hansen having 18 percent of the vote. Half of the voters need more information or are undecided.

Hill has picked up 20 points since we last polled in late June, Hansen 11.1 points.


10-Sep 26-Jun
Ann Hill 32.0% 12.0%
W. A. (Butch) Hansen 18.0% 6.9%
Gap 14.0% 5.1%
Don’t know candidates 35.2% 14.8%
Undecided 14.8% 66.2%
Total uncertain 50.0% 81.0%


The cross tabs for this study are age, gender and city district. The persons sampled were likely city council district 6 voters of the primary and general election cycles. They were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and were called during the hours of 2PM to 8PM September 7-10, 2018. The phone numbers called were provided by Escambia Supervisor of Elections Office. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 4.5% with a confidence level of 95%. Please see details on the following pag