Hopjacks Filling Station R.I.P.

The plug was pulled on Hopjacks Filling Station on Saturday, a victim of the major chains capitalizing on the same craft beer market that owner Joe Abston and his team sought to cultivate.

Here is Asbton’s letter to his customers that he posted on Facebook:

Dear Hopjacks Filling Station Supporters,

It saddens me to tell you that tonight, Saturday, October 11, 2014, will be the final night for Hopjacks Filling Station operations.

We would like to thank the long time supporters of the Hopjacks Filling Station. We would especially like to thank the talented and energetic staff that have made the Filling Station what it is.

When this store was conceptualized, craft beer was hard to find in retail stores. Now you can go to CVS and find 15 different brands. Walmart sells craft beer for sometimes pennies over cost. It is not a development we could have imagined when we opened.

We hope that you can join us tonight for a celebration of the Hopjacks Filling Station and all of its wonderful guests and employees. We will be offering special discounts on bottles plus half-price draft beer all night.

Thank you for your patronage.


Joe Abston