House District 3 Observations – GOP side

babyLyn Hart’s campaign is built on RV money. Do we want a state representative financed primarily (over 70%) by outside interest?

George Scarborough has the who’s who of Pensacola on his donors list. Is it bad? Not really – they have backed good people in the past – for instance, Grover Robinson IV. However, their money doesn’t insure a victory. Valentino beat Roberts without most of their money. Sam Hall beat Paul Young.

Clay Ford’s campaign money is his own and those of his friends in Gulf Breeze. It’s interesting that he doesn’t have a broader support base. This could hurt him in such a quick race.

Tom Banjanin will probably run without much money. He’ll walk the neighborhoods that he knows support him and push to get out 3000 to 3500 votes – which just may be enough to win.

……The big question is who will go to the polls on Feb. 6? Money buys signs, ads, computer phone calls and mailers. It doesn’t make people vote.

Few people will go to vote because of a negative so those who think Joe Scarborough holds back his brother George are wrong. The people who vote will fall into two categories:

  • Those who vote out a sense of patriotic duty
  • Those who believe in their candidate.

There will be no casual voters. Minds will already be made up.

These four candidates have to give the House District 3 voters a reason to go to the polls. Whoever gets the most of their supporters to the polls wins….it could be as little as 2500 votes in a close, divided race.