Terry McAuliffe speaks out on Kerry and Dems

mag glassHad the opportunity to sit in on a telephone interview with Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. McAuliffe has written a book – “What A Party!” and is the campaign manager for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Mike Papantonio was interviewing McAuliffe for his radio show “Ring of Fire” that runs on WEBY and Air America Radio.

McAuliffe flatly says John Kerry lost the 2004 presidential because he went “soft” – failing to defend himself against the Swiftboat attacks and attack Pres. Bush for his military record, WMDs, Iraq War, etc. Kerry had $15 million still in his campaign account after the election.

“It was the biggest political malpractice in American History.”

McAuliffe described how Kerry’s handlers cut ten pages from his speech at the Democratic Convention because they mentioned George Bush. Pap verified that Robert Kennedy Jr. had the same censorship of his speech at the convention. Speakers weren’t allowed to say the two words “George Bush.”

McAuliffe saw this as big mistake. “Americans want their leaders to take stands and fight for them. After 9/11, this country wants fighters.”

“If you don’t defend yourself, who will?”

He believes the Democrats backed into the House and Senate wins in 2006. The GOP lost it more than the Democratic Party won. The Iraq War and the Foley scandal hurt the Republicans more than anything the Dems did.

McAuliffe said you can bet Hilary Clinton will be a fighter. She won’t back off and that’s why he is in her campaign.

Great interview. Interesting to hear views of a national Democratic party insider.