How stupid is Pensacola?


That’s the question that WCOA is asking and hoping the answer is “Very.”

Will Pensacola believe that Luke McCoy’s only problem is that his show “Pensacola Speaks” lacked diversity?

The diversity spin is only a word game played by the station that solidifies McCoy’s relationship with his white, 60+, conservative audience while paying lip service to everyone else.

It’s the Karl Rove political spin – if they say it, then it must be so. You can only imagine how hard the Cumulus management and marketing worked to come up with it. They probably even had to order in pizza.

Luke’s problem isn’t diversity (bigotry maybe, diversity no). It’s honesty.

During the Community Maritime Park debate he gave a daily pulpit for Marty Donovan and the Save Our City crowd to spread their half-truths and misrepresentations. When the Pensacola City Council – all but Donovan – was being accused of breaking the Sunshine Law and bribery, the state attorney issued a letter saying the charges were groundless. McCoy refused to read the state attorney’s letter on air, even when it was faxed to him. Instead, he let the SOC gang continue to defame the council, Studer, Fetterman and Whibbs on air.

For Luke – as well as for Donovan and others in anti-park camp – it was about defeating the referendum at any cost, not what was really best for the community. Truth was immaterial.

Hate radio is profitable in many markets. I had hoped that with Luke’s departure from Pensacola Speaks that our community had finally said “No” to its destructive nature.

People who are confused by technology and the inter-connectivity of our world that joins together various cultures, religions and philosophies seek out simple one-liners that play to their fears and hatreds. The Luke McCoys of this world pander to them and offer bigotry and hatred disguised as simple truths.

They have a very monochrome vision of American and the McCoys play to it. It doesn’t take much work – hate Mexicans and other minorities, welfare (but not medicare or social security checks), uppity women like Hillary Clinton – love apple pie, prayer (but you personally don’t have to go to church), Ronald Reagan and the military. Throw in God, the Flag and Semper fi and you’ve got an audience.

For the Luke McCoys, the world is divided between we and they – never us. They aren’t defined by what they stand for….No, they are defined by what they stand against. They attack ideas and offer no solutions. There is no homework or research required.

Pensacola deserves better.