How to defeat a CMP naysayer

1. Follow every reference to the source document. Read it and compare it to the Community Maritime Park documents. With C.C. Elebash, it will always be one sentence taken from a article or study about an NFL team or MLB ballpark.

2. They will claim support of their opposition to the park. Yet they have no proof. The 2006 referendum passed. Park opponent Marty Donovan was soundly beat in the 2008 city council elections. The November 2009 petition attempt to force a referendum on the financing plan failed to get enough signatures. Surveys have repeated shown support for the Park.

3. Few have read or understand the agreements. All are available on the City’s website. You can refer to them to counter most arguments. I’ve been doing this for five years and I assure you the opposition hasn’t come up with any new arguments. You can go to the PNJ forums and see that most of them have been preaching the same rants to deaf ears for years.

4. They like to make sweeping generalizations. Ask them to provide support for the generalizations.

5. When all else fails, they will resort to personal attacks on Studer and anyone who favors the park. Try to stay calm and hope their medications kick in soon.