Pending Crist decision dominating state papers

My sources in Tallahassee have gone silent on whether Gov. Charlie Crist will drop out of the Republican primary and run as an Independent. He must make a decision by Friday, April 30. And his decision could influence whether or not he suspends indicted County Commissioner Gene Valentino. I do believe his decision on Valentino and who he names to replace Valentino should the District 2 commissioner be suspended will indicate what Crist will decide on the U.S. Senate race.

There are two camps among local GOP – Holly Benson camp and the Dave Murzin camp. Will either one get the ear of Crist?

The Democrats who support Crist and who don’t mind an Independent run for the Senate aren’t fans of Benson or Murzin. They might push someone like Lumon May for the spot.

And then there is the other group – George Touart and Karen Sindel supporters – who would rather Valentino stay in office or the Governor require whoever he appoints to not run for the seat this year.
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