Iraqi Blogs

ibookI wanted to gain a better perspective on the Iraqi view on the war so I searched for Iraqi blogs. Here are a few I found:


Compared to the current situation in Iraq, how different was it before the war?
Before the war, I had fun. I had my family and friends around me. I had a plan for tomorrow. My heart did not ache. But I had no future.

NOW, I don’t have my friends around me because they left the country, and I did too. My heart aches all the time. And if I were in Iraq , I would not be able to plan for tomorrow. But I know I have a better future.

Do you think the war was worth it or not? Why?

Yes. The war was totally worth it. Why? Because I now decide what I want to do with my life, not the dictator [I am talking about myself, someone who is trying to have a better future and not wait for the Marjiya to tell him what to do.] And also because let it be once and forever, the Iraqis now know how much the hate to live with each other and how much the will lose if the DON’T live with each other. They can decide now.


Violence is continued and there is no force that can save the innocent lives..

Two days ago in my street in the morning.. two roadside bombs blew up on an Iraqi army patrol who was passing the street.. there was no casualties.. only the road got messed up.. and an under-ground water pipe was broken… and wasn’t repaired till today…

2 dead bodies were found near a mosque in the neighbourhood, they were just laying in the street.. and the people were afraid to pick them up and deliver them to the police… they got picked up by an American army patrol…

Two Days ago in Al-Adhamiah neighbourhood (Sunni Neighbourhood).. mosques announced to the people using microphones… telling them to stay at home for the next day.. cause there will be fake police patrols surrounding the neighbourhood exits in the morning… and they will assassinate people according to their IDs.. that means sunni people will get killed..

I don’t know where are they going by doing these things….


Saddam’s trial is a trial for all tyrants who oppressed their peoples and a tough warning to whose who think they have the right to control nations with fire and steel and get away with it. It is just a one trial in a series of trials yet to come; there are many more criminals in our land and they will eventually meet the same fate as Saddam’s.

This is the beginning to build the foundations for the state of law and accountability we’re fighting to establish, and the verdict we expect to come tomorrow will only shake the thrones of other middle east tyrants but will also send a strong message to some of the current mini-Saddam’s of Iraq who will also have their own days someday.
I’m speaking about the leaders who try to hinder the process of building the nation of pluralism and rule of law; those are just as criminal as Saddam and even if we bore with them so far for one reason or another this patience will not last indefinitely.

We had waited for thirty years to see Saddam in the cage and we will wait again to see the rest of criminals meet the same just fate.

We had made the first step and we will go on…


Most of the Iraqis I’ve prodded felt oblivious to what could happen to Saddam’s neck, a Sunni cousin of mine by the name of Omar in Ghazaliya said: ‘To the hell’, while another Sunni cousin of mine in Egypt said: ‘To the heck.” I for one, felt happy, and congratulated everyone I saw.

While having justice done to the tyrant would have been so much better if it were not for the sad state of Iraq today, I only felt good today because this could actually achieve good effects on the ground – I think that the minute Saddam is executed many of the Baathists would stop and reconsider what they are fighting for, the Iraqi Baath party always will be a personality cult. Hell may break loose for the next couple of days but remember, we are already in hell, so bring it on.

Jordanians however looked upon the matter from the average benign way Arabs look upon Saddam, a brave valiant hero who stood up against America.


…after the topple of Saddam and the instalment of a new government who claims to be in opposition of Saddam, we thought our family would be rewarded as it had sustained a big damage because of my father, in the contrary, my eldest brother house was cordoned by the vehicle of the ministry of Interior and its men whom we thought they came in an official motorcade to take the family to the new government to compensate it, they kidnapped my brother who is 36 yr and after 24 hour we found his body dumped in the trash.

Since that time, I with my family and his family are moving from one place to another in fear of death squads, and you want me to be happy?!!!