Jail medical director abandons job, terminated

Dr. Rayme Edler has abandoned her job as medical director of the Escambia County Jail and was terminated under county employment policies, according to a letter given Inweekly.

“As of the date of this letter, you have been absent from work since September 22, 2021. Because your absence has not been approved, and we have not heard from you, we have determined that you have abandoned your position,” wrote Assistant County Administrator Debbie Bowers.

She continued, “In accordance with our policy on job abandonment. we are terminating your employment effective September, 27, 2021.

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The jail’s medical care has been under scrutiny after inmates filed a federal lawsuit regarding the quality of care at the facility and lack of COVID precautions. Read more.

Because Edler has a lawsuit against the county, Commissioner Chairman Robert Bender on 1370 WCOA this morning refused to offer much on the Edler’s status, other than confirm she is no longer employed by the county.


2 thoughts on “Jail medical director abandons job, terminated

  1. Please keep us updated about her lawsuit, not the one against a citizen but the one with her now ex employer.
    Because of her we did learn a little about people who will SLAPP others.

  2. The County should pull her record of swipes into the jail if they want the true accounting of when the “abandoment” began. Then ask why she got a glowing evaulation from Chief Powell.

    And the Public Safety building, for that matter, for attendance. In the second hearing during her frivolous suit against me, she claimed under oath that Jack Brown told her from the get-go that she only had to work 30 hours a week for the County in order to fulfill her dual roles as Medical Director of EMS and Medical Director for the jail. Something about how 10 of her hours a week at Baptist were crossover with the County.

    I have no idea that was an agreement written in stone–I honestly don’t remember if her original contract stated that. As anyone familiar with the transcripts for that suit knows, just because she was speaking under oath doesn’t mean everything she said was true.

    To Janice Gilley’s credit, I believe she did try to put a stop to the 30-hour nonsense. But she had no oversight anyway, and pretty much came and went as she pleased.

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