Jeff DeWeese call out DeSorbo, Nobles


You and Jack owe Mr. Cummins an apology for your lack or respect of a citizen before Council tonight. The tape will confirm that after Jack mistakenly showed his
lack of knowledge on the CRA and its impact on the ad valorem tax and tried his hardest to rebut Mr. Cummins comments, Mike Desorbo leaned over and said ‘Good Job Jack’
followed by other comments regarding Mr. Cummins.

Mike and Jack, shame on you. A citizen of the City spends his time trying to analyze a budget that is 566 pages in length and all you can try to do is wave him off. Then when Councilman
Hall points out your inaccurate answer you blow some air about Cordova Mall.

When we were going through the Maritime Park vote, Mr. Cummins and I were on opposite sides of a debate we were both passionate about. I went to every one of the Save Our City Meetings. The members
of Save our City never belittled me, tried to invalidate me or were anything but cordial. Why cant you, who, by the way are paid to be there, be the same to citizens.

Everyone copied on this e-mail has the potential to represent the City over the next term, except Mayor Fogg. From the outside looking in, its not you against the citizens. At the heart of it,
everyone wants a better Pensacola. My mother always said : If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Everyone has a voice and deserves your deference if not respect.


Jeff DeWeese

Note: Jeff DeWeese is the husband of Maren DeWeese who is running against DeSorbo.