Jeff Miller says BP is ahead of the oil spill. Really?

Rob Williams of “News”Radio 1620 interviewed Congressman Jeff Miller on his radio show.

Miller: They continue to be able to skim more oil off the surface than is leaking. That is a good thing.

RW: Get ahead of it in other words

Miller: In the very beginning they weren’t able to do that because weather was preventing them from doing that. They have now treated some four million gallons, I think, of material – that is not all obviously oil, that is oil and water. But when you talk about five thousand plus gallons a day leaking, they are getting ahead of but they still gotta stop that thing

Oddly then the next question Williams asked was if Thad Allen “got all puckery… as in clenching” when he was around members of Congress. Puckery? I just don’t know what to say about that question. Puckery could be a new slogan for the station and its all male news team. “NewsRadio 1620 – we get puckery for you”

What happens when our politicians are part of the BP Blueprint to downplay risks and damage? BP wins.