Jerralds and the GCAACC

There’s another forum on the calendar to discuss the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce. Pensacola City Councilman John Jerralds has scheduled a May 9 meeting at city hall.

Recently, Jerralds has begun questioning the viability of the GCAACC. A public meeting was held on the subject previously in which the councilman had the chamber’s current head, George Hawthorne, thrown out.
Jerralds has never been a member of the GCAACC. He is not a businessman, but has said he wants to help the minority business community reorganize a chamber that better serves its needs.

“What I’m doing is providing a place,” Jerralds said. “Since they have no office, no staff, no phone number, I am providing a place for them to hold the meeting so they can get their house in order.”

The GCAACC has an office at 321 N De Villiers St. in Pensacola. The phone has been turned off for months.

Calls to Hawthorne’s personal phone have not as of yet been returned. He has previously dismissed Jerralds as misguided in his efforts.

Councilman Jerralds’ meeting is scheduled for May 9 at 5 p.m. at Pensacola City Hall.