Justice on the Green, March 3

Students Environmental Action Society (SEAS) is hosting Justice on the Green tomorrow, 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the University of West Florida campus between the library and the bookstore.

The event is to bring awareness to environmental issues in our communities including the landfill s surrounding the Africa-American communities in the Wedgewood area.

This event will also bring awareness to the Social Justice Movements class that is offered through the Department of Communication. Through this class, several groups will present different projects impacting the UWF campus and the local community.

The most recent project has been Stacks on Stacks, in conjunction with Black History Month. Boxes have been set up across campus to collect books that will be sent to local prisons. Escambia County has a high incarceration rate of African Americans and books collected for these prisoners is one way of helping them through their time and provide more of an education to those who desire it.

The Bowling for Food campaign is in partnership with Argo Pantry to bring awareness to poverty on campus. Forty percent of the student population is considered to be under the federal poverty line. Boxes have been provided to clubs and organizations to collect food and necessities, as well as set up around campus.

Code Pink is also campaigning on campus, which promotes peace over war.

Take Back the Night – One Light at a Time is a go-fund-me campaign to help raise funds to bring solar lights on campus. Each light costs about $75 and are solar powered. A GoFundMe page has been set up to receive the donations. More information and a list of the events can be found on Facebook at UWF SOS.

For more information contact Dr. Gloria Horning at ghorning@uwf.edu or Jordan Thach at 225-247-6617 for more information or to answer any question that you may have.