Lee to stay as SRIA executive director to Jan. 15, 2016

Buck Lee has sent an email, dated Friday, Sept. 11, to the Santa Rosa Island Authority Board stating that he will stay on as the executive director until Jan. 15, 2016.

Earlier Lee had requested to move up his retirement date to Oct. 9, but he said that SRIA employees have asked him to reconsider.

Subject: retirement

Dear Board Members,

First I would like to thank Tammy for working with me towards my retirement. She let me know whatever I decide to do she is behind me one hundred percent.

Tammy and I met Wednesday August 12 the day of our board meeting. I let her know that at that night’s meeting I was announcing my retirement date of January 15, 2016. As you know I became ill during the meeting and had to leave and Tammy was nice enough to announce that I was retiring.

Earlier this week I spoke with Tammy about the possibility of moving my retirement date to October 9 of this year. She said if that what I wanted I could bring it up under my Director’s report. My sincere apology for catching the board of guard and not calling everyone before the meeting. I do appreciate the boards positive comment about the job I’ve done over the last ten years, that meant a lot to me.

This week my coworkers came into my office , closed the door, and ask if I would please stay until January 15 and not leave any earlier. No one could ask for finer people to work with than the employees we have here. Because of the loyalty and love they have shown to me I’ve promised to stay until January 15, 2016. Not only do we have a great board but your staff is fantastic.

Thanks for your support and I will work tirelessly for the SRIA over the next four months.

Ps Please excuse errors in either grammar or punctuation. Escambia High Class of 65.

W.A. “Buck” Lee
Executive Director
Santa Rosa Island Authority