Limited Edition GGAF Poster on sale

With the cancellation of this year’s Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival due to COVID-19, the Festival Committee invited local artist Kreg Yingst to create a poster for 2020 in his original woodcut print design that would capture some of the feelings of 2020 and become a positive memento for this unique year.

A long time GGAF artist, Kreg Yingst received his BA from Trinity University in San Antonio after attending the University of Texas and his MA in painting from Eastern Illinois University. After graduation, he taught art for thirteen years and has been a full-time artist since 2003.

This limited-edition of 250 posters are each signed and numbered by the artist. Festival posters have become a local collector’s item and are available online this year only. The posters are available at for $27, including shipping and sales tax.


1 thought on “Limited Edition GGAF Poster on sale

  1. Wow that is so amazing Rick–thank you. I love how it only displayed the top half til you click. I was thinking, “gonna have to be something pretty cool in the bottom half of that hourglass.” Sold.

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