Litton prefiles to run against Andrade

Former MLB player and local businessman, Greg Litton yesterday announced he would be seeking the Republican nomination for Florida House District 2, a seat currently held by attorney Alex Andrade.

Here is his press release:

As a business leader in the financial services industry, Litton has a fresh perspective on what needs to be done to enhance the economic opportunities in these challenging times.

“As a lifelong conservative; I want to serve because I know I have the character and backbone to do what’s right for our community and our state.  Now, more than ever, District 2 needs a leader that can effectively team with other legislators to focus not just on statewide problems, but problems that are unique to our beautiful home”, states Litton.

“From my background in professional sports, to my work in the financial services industry, to my 14 years as a motivational speaker with The Studer Group.  My professional life has always revolved around my commitment to teamwork and being a leader. I will bring that same attitude and work ethic with me to the Tallahassee as the next State Representative for Florida House District 2.”

As the son of a coach, Litton was expected to excel in athletics, but according to Litton, he felt he was only a moderately talented baseball player. However, Litton had a dream…to someday play Major League Baseball. While there were other more gifted athletes, what made Litton stand out was a focused drive to be successful and the willingness to put in the work.

Litton pursued his dream, and in the winter of 1984, the San Francisco Giants drafted him. After five seasons in the minor leagues, his dream became his reality. In 1989, he was a rookie and an instrumental part of the Giants team, helping them to the World Series, where he hit a two-run homer in game four.

Litton played three more major league seasons with the Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox before retiring in 1995. In 1992, he played all nine positions in the Hall of Fame game, and his glove from that game now resides in the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

Litton built his career around teamwork, a spirit of perseverance and a passion to follow his dream. He was blessed to play with some of the great players of his generation, such as Brett Butler, Will Clark, Dave Dravecky, Gary Carter, Ken Griffey and Randy Johnson.

For the past 20 years, Litton has used his story to make a difference with young people, speaking in the public school system, “Just Say No” program, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His focus on commitment, teamwork and perseverance makes him a highly sought-after motivational speaker. For the past 14 years, The Studer Group was proud to have Litton in their cadre of speakers in their Speaker’s Bureau.

Litton was a late entry in the Escambia County Commission District 4 race in 2018 and came in second behind Robert Bender in a race that had six candidates.  Bender received 2,615 votes; Litton 1,929.

In 2004, Litton was the front-runner to get the GOP nomination to replace Bonnie Jones as the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections. Again the field was crowded with four Republicans. David Stafford, the chief of staff of former Congressman Joe Scarborough, was victor with 8,950 votes while Litton came in second with 7,056.

Alex Andrade is serving his second term. He won the GOP nomination for House District 2 in 2018 against Greg Merk – 16,443-11,010. The seat became open with incumbent Frank White decided to run for Florida Attorney General. Andrade faced no opposition in the general election.

In the 2020 GOP primary, Andrade trounced Cris Dosev, 9,680-6,124. He went on to defeat Democrat Dianne Krumel in the general, 42,742-36,336.


2 thoughts on “Litton prefiles to run against Andrade

  1. Andrade voted to bring back Jim Crow VOTING LAWS, he voted to punish anyone that wishes to march and protest against discriminatory republican anti civil rights legislation. He aline himself with Trump type people, including Trumps Florida Governor, he voted numerous times too prevent Local Governments to enacting any laws CONTROLLING AND dealing with the environment, gun restrictions, and of course placement tall telephone poles in infront of peoples yards..He is so out of touch with the people of Pensacola,.HE NEEDS TO GO. HE NEEDS TO RETURN TO WHEREVER HE CAME FROM…South America would be a good choice for him..

  2. I had a very disturbing discussion with Andrade when he ran the first time. He called to scold me for writing here on Rick’s Blog that candidates should be expected to explain the specifics of their campaign platform. Andrade had sent me a mailer that said his top priority was to reduce the size of state government. After he got done telling me that he was a disciple of Rick Scott whom he apparently worships, Andrade said that it was unfair to ask him to say which functions or departments of state government he wanted to eliminate or reduce. I pointed out that every part of state government is important to someone and said he should have the courage of his convictions to up front say whose ox he plans to try to gore. Veterans Affairs, Children’s Services, Elder Services? I felt like I was talking to a 8-year old. I politely suggested that a better use of his energies if elected would be to get Tallahassee off of the back of local governments. He seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I explained that it seems to be a blood sport in Tallahassee to see how often and how badly the Florida Legislature can “preempt” county and municipal governments stripping them of even more home rule power. I also said that there are too many “special districts” like the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) that were created by the Florida Legislature but no longer serve their original purpose. Between Escambia County and Santa Rosa County we probably have more than 25 special districts some of which can only be abolished by the Florida Legislature. I suggested that the Uniform Special District Accountability Act should be amended to give local governments the power to abolish special districts for which they are the local governing authority. As example, if the Pensacola City Council wants to abolish the DIB and take over running Palafox Market, the only thing the DIB really seems to still do, they should be able to do so and end the extra property tax paid by downtown businesses. Downtown property owners can vote to abolish the DIB by petition but few know it and the DIB certainly is not going to tell them. Andrade was totally disinterested in local government. A review of Andrade’s campaign finance reports is disturbing. For starters, his campaign treasurer is located in Jensen Beach, FL 34957. What’s up with that? Then, you see that he has taken money from all sorts of suspect characters to include various lobby groups and commercial real estate corporations in Bryan, Texas 77802. Why would someone in Texas want to have their hooks into a state representative in Florida? The campaign contributor I really want to know about is someone or something called “Constituent Priorities” in Jensen Beach. Who is Jensen Beach is a “constituent” of Andrade? This time around, local elected officials need to take a stand and come out against incumbents like Andrade who work to undercut local government.

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