Memories of Marty and Jack

Having studied area politics for the nearly 30 years I’ve lived here-the past 11 as publisher of the IN, I have two distinct memories of Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles:

I watched Jack Nobles publicly humiliate Brian Spencer and Larry Johnson at a meeting of the City’s Enterprise Committee that he chaired. He used his power to belittle and embarrass them and no one on the council stood up to his bullying. I couldn’t believe any elected official would treat city residents that way and so obviously relish it. It was like watching a kid pull the wings off a fly and laugh.

Marty Donovan will say anything to win. Truth doesn’t limit his responses. At WSRE debate on the CMP, Donovan said the IN called him a Nazi. We never did. He constantly misstated facts on the project. The fight always seems to have been personal for Marty …not sure why Marty has such a vendetta against Quint.