Middle schools remain mediocre

Escambia County’s middle schools showed little change in their grades.  Brown Barge remained an ‘A’, Ransom a ‘B’. Bellview dropped from a ‘B’ to a ‘C’. Woodham earned 36 more points but remained a ‘D.” Ferry Pass has an Incomplete.

In 2014, the school district hired Turnaround Solutions Inc. to improve Warrington Middle. It hasn’t worked.

Of the 558 middle schools in Florida that received grades, Warrington is ranked #542, Woodham #538, Bellview #534 and Workman #518.

Remember Warrington was the middle school that was  Superintendent Malcolm Thomas’ turnaround school in 2009. Workman was to be his middle school version of Pensacola High’s IB program.

If you live in the city of Pensacola and can’t get your child into Brown Barge, you are looking for a private school that has a middle school.


School Name Total Points Earned 2018 Total Points Earned 2017 Improvement Grade 2018 Grade 2017
BROWN BARGE 661 667 -6 A A
RANSOM 503 483 20 B B
ERNEST WARD 480 481 -1 C C
JIM C. BAILEY 444 445 -1 C C
J. H. WORKMAN 378 383 -5 C C
BELLVIEW 361 372 -11 D C
WOODHAM 354 318 36 D D
WARRINGTON 347 352 -5 D D