More candidate qualify

More candidates qualified to run yesterday:

Pensacola City Council, District 5:
Gerald Wingate – Nonpartisan Office

Pensacola City Council, District 7:
Anny Shepard – Nonpartisan Office

ECUA, District 1:
Dawnmarie Kakatitieoy Kachachos-Ingwell – Write In

ECUA, District 3:
Charles Thornton – DEM
Tiffany Washington – NPA

ECUA, District 5:
James Hunt – NPA

County Commissioner, District 3:
Delarian Wiggins – NPA

County Commissioner, District 5:
Steven Barry – REP
Daniel Smillie – REP

Century Mayor:
Felic Fussner – Nonpartisan Office
Freddie McCall – Nonpartisan Office

Century Town Council, Seat 1:
Ann Brooks – Nonpartisan Office

The following individuals pre-filed for office:

Century Town Council, Seat 2:
Annie Savage – Nonpartisan Office

Pensacola City Council, District 1:
C.J.Lewis – Nonpartisan Office