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The comments on my Facebook wall were just as mixed:

You have got to be kidding me, that was it!!!??? –Susan

Is it me or do others find the “our neighbors in the gulf” reference annoying and somewhat demeaning. I find the NIMBY attitude offensive. If a catastrophe of this magnitude were near Washington, “make no mistake,” Obama would have a specific plan. —Maggie


The speech was nearly perfect. Remember, most people in this country don’t live down here. He spoke to the country and the world. Leveraging this catastrophe into a push for greener energy sources is wise and necessary. Obama haters and knee jerk conservatives should keep silent if they’re not willing to help. The transition to clean energy must begin as quickly as our society can stand. We are poisoning the biosphere. —Michael & Harriette
I so agree with that last comment. This must be a wake up call for the world. -Harriet