Who has qualified for local races?

Escambia County Supervisor of Elections released the following list of candidates that have qualified completely as of June 15. There are still several holes:

County Commissioner, District 2
Gene M. Valentino (Qualified 6/15/10)

Santa Rosa Island Authority
Thomas Campanella (Qualified 6/14/10)

County Commissioner, District 4
Dennis Green (Qualified 6/14/10)
Danny Lewis (Qualified 6/14/10)

City of Pensacola Mayor
Ashton Hayward (Qualified 6/14/10)
Diane Mack (Qualified 6/14/10)
Mike Wiggins (Qualified 6/14/10)

School Board, District 1
Jeff Bergosh (Qualified 6/14/10)
D. Hosea Pittman (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council At-Large A

School Board, District 2
Gerald W. Boone (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council At-Large B

School Board, District 3
Linda F. Moultrie (Qualified 6/14/10)
Charlie Nichols (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council, District 1
P.C. Wu (Qualified 6/14/10)

ECUA, District 2
Stephen Burand (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council, District 2
Sherri Myers (Qualified 6/14/10)
Courtney B. Peterson (Qualified 6/14/10)

ECUA, District 4
Ronald Ward (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council, District 3
Maren Laycock DeWeese (Qualified 6/15/10)

Escambia Soil & Water Conservation District, Grp 2

City Council, District 4

Escambia Soil & Water Conservation District, Grp 4
Lynn L. Laird (Qualified 6/14/10)

City Council, District 5

Escambia Soil & Water Conservation District, Grp 5

City Council, District 6
Jewel Cannada-Wynn (Qualified 6/15/10)

City Council, District 7