More see Miller as logical choice for VA secretary

The New York Times has Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Chumuckla) as the favorite to be the Veterans Affairs Secretary in Donald Trump’s Cabinet. In fact, the retired chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee is the only choice given by the NYT. Read Donald Trump Is Picking His Cabinet. Here’s a Shortlist.

Other media agree:
Washington Times
“Rep. Jeff Miller, Florida Republican, is said to be a leading candidate for secretary to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs. As chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, he is a chief critic of the way the Obama administration has run the VA.”

Money Morning
“Given the ongoing scandals at Veterans Affairs over the last few years, Trump is expected to make this post a high priority. The favorite right now is House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) Miller is retiring from Congress and has been a supporter of Trump since early in his presidential run.”


4 thoughts on “More see Miller as logical choice for VA secretary

  1. Be careful what yoou wish for…

    Retired Army captain Steve Robertson, a former Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee staff director, told The American Prospect that, in his 30 years working on veterans issues, he couldn’t “recall a member of Congress ever instructing members of a commission or advisory group to ignore one of their members.” Robertson said, “Miller is way out of line.” Another representative of a major veterans service organization who did not wish to be identified, called Miller’s letter an attempt to “intimidate an independent commission and politicize their recommendations”

  2. Department of Veterans Affairs WILL BE DECLARED BANKRUPT. Miller will be a good choice to oversee the closing & selling off all VA properties to the highest bidder. Trump and Company will bid on most with the desire to build golf courses and hotels.

  3. My question is, why was the chair of the House VA oversight committee not held accountable for any of the mess at the agency. “Oversight” implies action if there’s a problem, where was the action?

  4. I would LOVE to see Miller become VA Secretary. Lets see if he will actually implement the changes he wanted to see implemented while a critic of the VA.

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