More than third of Floridians have voted

Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that the latest statistics show 34 percent of the state’s 11.2 million voters have cast a ballot in the general election through Friday.

Democrats continue to hold a lead among the 3.84 million ballots cast, claiming 45.4 percent of the ballots to the Republicans’ 38 percent. Independents and third-party voters accounted for 16.5 percent.

Republicans continue to dominate the absentee portion of early voting, claiming 48.6 percent of the returned absentee ballots to the Democrats’ 36 percent. Independents cast 15.5 percent of the absentees.

Democrats continue to dominate the early voting sites where ballots are being cast in some counties until Sunday. They claimed 52 percent of the early-voting site ballots to the Republicans’ 31 percent. Independents accounted for 17.2 percent.