More to DCA story

The daily newspaper has published the AP story on the audit of the Taj Mahal – the new courthouse for the 1st District Court of Appeal. Lucy Morgan of the St. Petersburg Times is the investigative reporter who has been covering this for months. She’s the winner of 1985 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting and only does special assignments. Lucy helped us with the story on the double and triple dipping in the DROP program.

In August, Lucy wrote about how the state legislature got the $48 million budget for this facility approved. She found emails that said Rubio was very helpful. Dated April 29, 2008, the e-mail exchanged by judges on the building committee and court staffers encouraged them to personally thank those who helped secure the funding.

It listed seven House members, five senators, three lobbyists, six Senate and 10 House staffers, and then-Florida State University president T.K. Wetherell.

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