Now City worried about moonlighting

For over a decade, then assistant City Attorney Rusty Wells worked full-time for the City and part-time for sheriffs Jim Lowman and Ronnie McNesby. His administrative assistant helped him, according to a source who is familiar with how Wells juggled both jobs.

No one on the city council said anything about it. He did it with their consent. Mike Wiggins served on the council for all but two years that Wells had dual employment.

The Sumner case – the one in which the fire captain allegedly met with his contractor customers in the fire station – has been on the docket for years. Wells and Coby knew about it.

Now in a election year, the Pensacola City Council wants to investigate it.

When the top officials are allowed to bend rules, it is hard to hold the rest of the staff accountable.

BTW: Maybe one day someone talk about the poker games city officials used to hold a the fire station—in the good old days.