More vaccinations tomorrow and this weekend

Ascension Sacred Heart will hold additional COVID-19 vaccination clinics on Thursday in Milton and Pensacola for local residents who are age 65 and older. Unfortuntately, the appointment times have been filled, according to the hospital’s website.

Ascension Sacred Heart does not have enough vaccine yet to meet the great demand for the vaccine in the community, but it will schedule more clinics as Florida’s supply of vaccine continues to grow.

Inweekly has heard the Florida Department of Health is planning to vaccine 500 senior citizens this Sunday. The time and location have not been finalized.

I would suggest registering with FDOH online at or try calling calling Florida Department of Health in Escambia County at 850-595-6500 option 6.


1 thought on “More vaccinations tomorrow and this weekend

  1. My wife’s experience at yesterday’s vaccination at Olive Baptist Church was excellent. Because we had a late appointment (4:35 pm), we got a parking space right in front of the entrance and after she had checked-in, a very easy process, there were only five people in the line ahead of her. That said, perhaps there were a few minor admin glitches. While I was waiting, I overheard a discussion about a shortage of pens for people to fill out forms. They scrambled and found some pens. I also overheard a discussion about a lack of forms. I think they must have dashed to find a copy machine to print more. My wife said that they ran out of the vaccination cards with her getting the last one they had. There were only a few people after her but it is surprising that they ran out especially given that they are giving vaccinations again today. The vaccination cards will, in time, be something like a COVID-19 vaccination passport for those who travel so very important. In place of the vaccination cards, they began to give out a form that, and I did not see it, might just have been a regular piece of paper with the same info. On the way out, I found a blank vaccination card lying on a table in the entrance way so I picked it up to have in reserve if they run out when I get my shot. Everyone that we met yesterday associated with Olive Baptist Church, our first visit there, were wonderful and very helpful.

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