Morning radio got real today

This morning, NewsTalk WCOA 1370AM launched my new show, Real News with Rick Outzen, which will air Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. It’s newsmakers talking about the news. Connecting the dots on local stories.

Today, we opened with Mayor Grover Robinson who gave us a preview of his weekly press conference that will include local hospital and health care leaders. COVID hospitalizations continue to rise – we’re hearing some hospitals have postponed elective surgeries.

We had former Florida State football players Clay Ingram and Dennis Green talk about playing for Coach Bobby Bowden.

Former City Council president Jewel Cannada Wynn explained why she is running for Pensacola mayor in 2022.

Commissioner Jeff Bergosh discussed the Matt Selover and his thoughts about former HR director Jana Still.

TDC chair David Bear told us about how difficult it has been to get bed tax reports from County Clerk Pam Childers and an state audit of the county TDC expenditures.

And Quint Studer talked about ABC Supply Stadium where his Single-A Beloit Snappers had their first home games last week.

Whew! We do this again tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Morning radio got real today

  1. PaperBag, the hospital administrators are too busy enjoying the duck and cover DeathSantis awarded them on his delta disinformation program. The real truth about what’s going on would need to include the number of deaths in Escambia and the number of pediatric patients. The administrators aren’t providing that.

    Instead, Fearless Leader had the non transparency good and iron-clad in advance of the next, more serious surge–which he knew was coming–by rendering the Florida DOH worthless for anything much by way of public information, and forbidding them to turn any local stats about covid deaths and child infections over to local leaders or federal health organizations. That’s why the CDC County information lists zero deaths in Florida on a county-by-county basis recently.

    The hospital administrators could provide this information, but just like the last surge, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths and only giving half-stories. It’s looking like the only idea we will ever have about how many people are actually dying this round (and the death numbers the last surge got good and jacked down, also) will be excess deaths.

    Brought to you by a governor suffering from megalomaniac insanity, local GOP leaders happy to keep their head in the sand to appease him and his banana republic in Tallahassee, and area hospital admins who really, really, really don’t want you to know what’s going on in their hospitals right now.

  2. To Time Marches On
    Whew — what can I say in one sentence or less? (or so)
    With social media groupthink has become a real phenomena. Sometimes negative. I found an article on John Hopkins about being empathetic and it is our moral duty to help others understand the science behind the vaccine. That is a charge I’m not sure I can fulfill as I went on a site and and got shut down, keyboard attacked and into moderation, and actually have been fuming about it for days. It really dawned on me the effect that an inspired leader using emotional rhetoric can have on a group. Negative news travels faster than the measured intelligent discourse. Most people are conflict averse and just go away.
    Maybe the stick will work for you. I am disappointed in DeSantis right now but remain open minded, especially if I step back and read much more than I type. I think we have to decide to we want to be effective in advocacy but yes denial is real and trust is broken. It seems the more info and connections available, the dumber people get. And more tribal. It is a historic sociological truth that humans splinter off into groups and fight. It would be good if we were all on the same side against the infection. Fortunately all my closest family members understand this and are vaccinated…..

  3. Rick,
    Congratulations on the new show–I listened to the Podcast once you linked it. Thanks for doing that for those that are at work and have to listen later in the afternoon. Good luck going forward, and thanks for having me on the premiere episode!

  4. @PaperBag
    This is a logical, reasonable request. I agree.

    But it has become evident that the devotees of the carnival barker and his political progeny are unmoved by facts and the reality the rest of us inhabit.
    Carrots are sooo yesterday. Time for the stick.

  5. Could you get the hospital administrators on pronto about COVID?

    All I can say right now is I’ve tried to be understanding about this, and somewhat understand trying to keep things open. Personally, I have no patience with the anti vaxxers. Something has got a hold in their heads and if I try to engage, I just get enraged and vise versa it seems.

    Maybe a real immunologist needs to really discuss in detail how the mRNA works and the side effects, which are minimal. Masks do work.

    Maybe lets separate the politics from the medicine and the money and focus on the reality of the situation.

    Something’s gotta give.

    You are in a unique position right now, at this point in time.

  6. So much info so little time.

    I loved Melissa Pino and Kevin’s transcripts on f/b. LOL

    Good Luck.

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