My Press Conference Pledge

From now on, I will do my best to attend every EOC press conference. I will be just as aggressive as I was yesterday–asking direct questions and holding elected officials and BP accountable for their statements and actions.

You might want to watch them. I know Escambia County broadcasts them live on Cox Cable. I’m not sure if they are available online.

If you have a question that you want asked of the commissioners, Mayor Wiggins or BP (if I can get them to come to the pressers), please email me –

I hate press conferences. I hate the EOC. Press conferences bother me because other reporters get to hear my questions and can run with my story if they understand the answers. The EOC is run like the “Deathstar” -with the media relegated to a glassed-in room and having to wait for the newsmakers to be brought to us. BP is given its own office space at the EOC away from the public and reporters.

However, I will put all these misgivings aside to have a shot at getting real answers to tough questions.