Official DIB announcement on Kimbrough’s departure

The Executive Director of the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (DIB), Franklin Kimbrough, has submitted his resignation to the board. Having held the senior management position at the agency for the past eight years, he has overseen the greatest period of growth in Pensacola since the 1950s. “I have very much enjoyed playing a small role in the renaissance of Downtown Pensacola during these last few years”, noted Kimbrough.

Mr. Kimbrough will remain with the DIB through at least September 30, 2012. Beginning in October, he will assume the position of President and Chief Executive Officer for the Independence Chamber of Commerce in Missouri’s fourth largest city.

DIB Chairman Burney Merrill noted the many advances that downtown and Pensacola have experienced during Mr. Kimbrough’s tenure: adding more than 1300 new jobs, adding more than 1100 new residents, facilitating the addition of 175 new businesses, creation of the weekly Palafox Public Market, conversion of Palafox Place back to two-way traffic, the creation of a parking authority to comprehensively and uniformly manage the public parking for the benefit of customers and clients, the addition of new holiday decorations, the involvement of hundreds of stakeholders in guiding the direction of the downtown, the addition of eight new annual special events, and the increase in the professionalism and stability of the development authority itself. Mr. Merrill noted: “Downtown Pensacola is a completely different place today than it was a decade ago thanks in large part to Mr. Kimbrough’s leadership, vision, and drive. We will miss his presence and involvement”.

The DIB will discuss the process and timetable for replacing Kimbrough at its next regular monthly meeting in October.