Viewpoint: Locals Should Support DeLuna Fest as DeLuna Fest is Supporting Locals

By Tosh Belsinger…
In less than two weeks, Pensacola Beach will play host to DeLuna Fest, a three day music festival produced by local Pensacolians Scott & Emily Mitchell with Five Flags Tourism Group. Our beautiful beach will be the venue for world class bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band, Jimmy Cliff, Band of Horses, Joan Jett, and Dwight Yoakam. These are huge bands drawing tens of thousands of out-of-towners to the greater Pensacola area.

DeLuna Festers will be staying in hotels and condominiums from Pensacola Beach to downtown to the I-10 corridor, and will be providing our area with new business and great new international introductions. DeLuna Fest is delivering the bands, the visitors, the economic impact, and the exposure to Pensacola and Escambia County. Now it is time for locals to show their support and buy their DeLuna Fest tickets.

*Note – If you are of a certain age and are saying to yourself, “I don’t know these bands”, then that is ok. Spread the DeLuna Fest word to your kids, or your kids’ kids wherever they may live, and get them here for DeLuna Fest September 21st – 23rd.