Elected officials issue statements on NAS Pensacola shooting

Governor Ron DeSantis:

We are praying hard for the victims and families impacted by today’s shooting at NAS Pensacola. As a Navy veteran, today hits especially close to home. NAS Pensacola is a special place and these brave warriors who wear the wings come here for flight training to protect and serve our great nation. My administration and state agencies have deployed and will continue to provide support personnel and services to all of the military, civilians and families impacted by today’s senseless act of violence.

Today’s shooting not only strikes at the heart of Northwest Florida, but for the Navy nationwide and around the world. The response we saw from the deputies at Escambia County Sheriff’s office and active personnel responding to the scene is commendable and lives were saved because of the bravery of those wearing the uniform of the U.S. Navy and our local law enforcement, including from those who were wounded and still worked to help others. Their bravery will not be in vain. We have learned that the shooter was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service and the government of Saudi Arabia needs to make things better for the victims and they’re going to owe a debt here.

Escambia County Issues Response to NAS Pensacola Shooting

Our thoughts and prayers are with Naval Air Station Pensacola today. Escambia County EMS, Fire Rescue and Emergency Management responded in support.

District 1 Commissioner Jeff Bergosh: Today was a tragic and sad day and all of our prayers are with the victims of today. We should also be very, very proud of our local first responders who stepped up like the heroes they are and met the threat head on and neutralized it. And, I also want to give special appreciative thanks to our Escambia County EMS personnel for the swift an expert care of the wounded.

District 2 Commissioner Doug Underhill: Tragedies such as this are the tests that challenge how well we are prepared to respond to crisis. Our first responders, in collaboration with our Navy partners, performed exceptionally well when it mattered most. Today Escambia County and the Navy reaped the rewards of systematic collaboration and training, and almost certainly prevented what could have been a much greater loss of life. Every one of us should say a prayer for the victims and the first responders, and take a few minutes to consider our own resiliency and preparedness that we might perform as with honor if ever called upon.

District 3 Commissioner Lumon May: We are praying for the families, friends and loved ones whose lives have been changed forever by the tragic shooting at NAS Pensacola today. We ask God to bring comfort to those who are grieving and strength to those who are recovering. Our deepest condolences are with all who have been affected.

Commission Vice Chairman, District 4 Commissioner Robert Bender: NAS Pensacola is such an integral, important part of Escambia County and we are very supportive of our military and are keeping all of our thoughts and prayers with them. We continue to support them as Escambia County and as citizens in this time of grief.

Commissioner Chairman, District 5 Commissioner Steven Barry: We are heartbroken by the tragedy that occurred at NAS Pensacola this morning. We are sending our deepest sympathies to the wounded, the families of those who have been injured, and those who live and serve at NAS Pensacola.

Mayor Grover Robinson:

Today is a tragic day for Pensacola. Our hearts go out to those affected by this senseless act of violence, and we ask that the community continue to support and pray for the victims’ families and loved ones. Naval Air Station Pensacola has been an integral part of our city for nearly 200 years, and the impact of this tragedy will be felt throughout our community.

I express my sincere gratitude to the men and women aboard NAS Pensacola who selflessly serve our country every day, and to our first responders who bravely answered the call of duty this morning and put their lives on the line to restore public safety. All of you are true heroes, and we are grateful for your service.

The City of Pensacola is here to support NAS Pensacola with mutual aid and any resources they may need during this incredibly difficult time. This will certainly take a toll on our entire community, but I know Pensacola is stronger than any tragedy. The worst of times often bring out the best in humanity, and I truly believe the people of Pensacola will come together and become even stronger through this ordeal.