Olson pocketed $87K with resignation

On Aug. 3, 2018, Mayor Ashton Hayward’s office announced through a press release that Olson had “relinquished” his role as city administrator.

“Eric has helped lead this administration—and the city—to new heights,” said Hayward in the city’s release.

Inweekly has learned that Olson was paid $87,891.89 when he “relinquished” his job –$54,316.89 severance pay and $33,575.00 for PTO

Not bad for someone who started with the city as its initiative coordinator in September 2014 with an annual salary of $65,000.

When Olson left, he had been investigated internally and externally for creating a hostile work environment and retaliation against the employees who filed the complaint. Both investigations found the allegations were true.

Olson was the fourth top leader to leave the Hayward administration and walk away with a fat check.

Under Hayward’s leadership, three administrators and one chief operations officer were given significant severances packages.

Bill Reynoldsfired July 2013, sued for pay
Colleen Castilleresigned August 2014$50,000
Tamara Fountainresigned August 2015$54,002
Eric Olsonresigned August 2018$87,892

As Mayor Grover Robinson evaluates the Hayward leftovers, how much will the taxpayers have to fork out to get them to clean out their desks?

Stay tuned.