One Week Left to Bring Award-Winning Documentary to Pensacola

Those interested in seeing the award-winning documentary “Chasing Ice” locally, on the big screen, have until next Thursday, July 25 to reserve a ticket. If enough tickets are reserved within the week, the film will be shown at Carmike Bayou 15 on Thursday, August 1 at 6 p.m.

The film’s lauded cinematography documents the world’s changing glacial landscape.

“Chasing Ice” screened at the White House on Earth Day this year, one of its many notable achievements. The film won the Excellence in Cinematography Award, U.S. Documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, as well as awards at the River Run International Film Festival, South By Southwest, and multiple other festivals.

Local screening co-organizers 350 Pensacola, the League of Women Voters Pensacola Bay Area, and Earth Ethics, Inc. will facilitate a brief discussion following the film.

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Press Release:

PENSACOLA — Reserve your tickets for this screening of the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice. The film follows National Geographic photographer James Balog on an epic journey as he deploys time-lapse cameras at glaciers around the world in pursuit of the biggest story facing humanity.

Chasing Ice is presented by 350 Pensacola, the League of Women Voters Pensacola Bay Area, and Earth Ethics, Inc. A short discussion of the film and the implications of climate change will follow the screening. offers a unique new way to show films that might not otherwise be seen in a community’s theaters. This event will only happen if enough people reserve their tickets before the deadline. This film is made to be seen on the big screen. Reserve your tickets ($12 general admission) by July 25.

If the threshold is not met by July 25, the screening of Chasing Ice will be called off and no one will be charged for their ticket price.

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