Original Pensacola Tanyard project budget was $4.58 million

When the Pensacola City Council approved the contract for Government Street Stormwater Project in December 2015, they were told the budget was $4,584,605. The project would be funded with:

NFWF Grant $2,106,500
Stormwater Fund $113,850
Deepwater Horizon Incident Fund $2,364,255

[The Deepwater Horizon Incident Fund is the balance of the $5,351,922 BP settlement and a little interest income, $2,002, less legal fees and $2 million transferred to National Disaster Fund.]

The winning bid came in lower, and the actual cost dropped to $3,372,506.34 for the stormwater pond. See Corrine Budget.

City also appropriated additional funds for the park and decontamination – total $422,616.36.

The total funds appropriated for the entire project: $3,795,122.70. See Corinne Jones Summary of Appropriations and Funding.

Instead of using $2,364,255 from the BP settlement on the park, the Hayward Administration only appropriated $1,268,200.86 for the pond and $100,000 for the park – total $1,368,200.86.

The mayor was left with $996,054.14 in Deepwater Horizon Incident Fund that was originally budgeted for the project. More than enough money to handle the public safety and environmental concerns of the Tanyard residents.

Outzen Rule: Government always finds money for what it wants to do.