Panhandle commissioner blames Parkland, Fla. for creating ‘little monsters’

Escambia County Commissioner Doug Underhill broadened his attacks on the students who participated in the March for Our Lives rallies to include the city of Parkland, Fla. He described the accused murderer, Nikolas Cruz, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students that have spoken in favor of gun reform as “monsters.”

In a Facebook comment to NewsRadio 1620 radio host Andrew McKay, Underhill wrote, “Andrew, it was the socialist experiment of this radically leftist south Florida town that created the monster that did this AND (his emphasis) the little monsters who are parading around pointing the finger at people like me.”

He accused the Stoneman Douglas students of “prostituting the deaths of their classmates” and continued to call them “miscreants.”

A miscreant is defined as “a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.”

“These miscreants are not reacting to the event,” said the commissioner. “They are prostituting the deaths of their classmates to drive an agenda that was formed in them long before the first shot was fired.”

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is one of the best high schools in the state of Florida, earning a “A” grade every school year since 2010.


9 thoughts on “Panhandle commissioner blames Parkland, Fla. for creating ‘little monsters’

  1. No he won’t. Unless someone else with an (R) behind his name runs against him.

  2. Well Doug, That was quite dumb to say. You will pay at the ballot box in November.

  3. The level of hatred coming from Doug Underhill is unbelievable and inexcusable.

  4. Alan Mcmillan is running against Doug. Alan is a true leader that leads by uniting people.

  5. Commissioner Underhill’s comments are really scary. Reminds me of when the Mayor of Nashville called me a communist in the 60’s for engaging in civil rights activities. Many civil rights activist where branded by politicians and the federal government as being subversive, including me. Doug Underhill’s remarks are inappropriate. People have the right under the Constitution of the United States to express their grievances to the government and elected officials who make remarks such as those attributed to Commission Underhill would tend to have a chilly effect on the rights of citizens to protest and voice their grievances to the government. He is the government. While public officials do not loss their right to freedom of speech, I do believe a public official should respect the rights of citizens even if they don’t agree with them, I free that Commissioner Underhill’s statements could incite harm against certain people he is outraged at.

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